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Ukraine, 65122 Odessa, Ilfa ta Petrova street, 86-A, tel: +38 048 785 09 01, fax: +38 048 785 09 03, office@mashtechimport.com

Mashtechimport Ltd - the company, since 2007 carrying out deliveries of the foreign equipment, handling technics, machines spare parts and accessories for the enterprises of various industries.

Company team workers consists of qualified, professionally prepared, highly motivated and competent experts, whith average work experience in sphere of parts and equipment supplies wich makes up 15 years. It has allowed the company to create its own business dealing style completely focused on client satisfaction and continuous improvement of work quality - the main competitive advantages of Mashtechimport Ltd.

Mashtechimport Ltd head office is located in Odessa. The regional offices carrying out technical services and repairs are in the large regional centres: Kiev, Dnepr, Lvov.

The basic business of Mashtechimport Ltd are handling equipment supplies and its further service.

The deliveries program of Mashtechimport Ltd includes:

  • the warehouse technics including KOMATSU forklifts, hinged equipment, accessories and spare parts
  • the port technics and spare parts
  • industrial equipment and lines and accessories
  • air ground support equipment spare parts
  • marine accessories

Cooperation with large world equipment manufacturers let us to offer to our customers the most suitable decision of its industrial problem.

Our clients are sea and river ports, ship-building and ship-repair works, airports and aviation companies, reloading terminals and stevedore companies, food, chemical, metalworking, pharmaceutical enterprises.

Mashtechimport Ltd regularly makes order process optimisation that allows to carry out deliveries in terms most convenient for customers to satisfy any technical client requirements, following to moderate price policy that is especially actual in existing economic situation.

Decency, efficiency and high quality of service has generated reputation as of reliable partner for the clients and suppliers throughout all years of work of Mashtechimport Ltd.

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