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Ukraine, 65122 Odessa, Ilfa ta Petrova street, 86-A, tel: +38 048 785 09 01, fax: +38 048 785 09 03, office@mashtechimport.com

Mashtechimport ltd carries out foreign spare parts and accessories deliveries for specialised technics serving air transport:

  • for self-propelled and not self-propelled passenger gangways;
  • for planes air-conditioning installations;
  • for air vessels serving technics: water and fuel servicing trucks, aircraft deicers, catering equipment, planes toilets cleaning cars, loading terminals, lift shaft systems, charging units and compressor equipment etc.;
  • for loading technics and passenger service equipment: wheel loaders, belt conveyors, luggage tractors, lifts, containers loaders, towing equipment etc.;
  • for platform buses;
  • for harvest and municipal equipment: sweepers, snowplows, vacuum sweepers, air field anti-icing liquids distributors, ice cleaning cars and other equipment.

Our delivery program includes spare parts from next world-known equipment manufacturers:

TLD JBT/FMC Contrac Cobus Unimog
Schopf TUG AEBI-Schmidt Ziegler Mort
Mulag Guinault Trepel Houchin
Vestergaard Denge Boschung LAS-1
Cavotec Fladung Hofmann Zaugg Moventor
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