Ukraine, 65122 Odessa, Ilfa ta Petrova street, 86-A, tel: +38 048 785 09 01, fax: +38 048 785 09 03,

Mashtecimport Ltd is a supplier of equipment for oil and gas industry, and also spare parts for it from American and Canadian manufactures.

Our skilled experts are able to carry out assemblage and installation of the nitric and mobile chisel equipment at your enterprise.

Nitrogen equipment

We offer custom compact nitrogen systems with maximum performance, the most suitable for the preparation and injection of nitrogen gas into the reservoir, underbalanced drilling, flushing of main lines and for other usage in oil and gas industry.

The design of our evaporator and membrane systems has been tested in real working conditions and it is ideal for working in the oil fields.

Special functions and the main competitive advantages of the equipment:

  • Automatic gas temperature control system and pressure in system;
  • Low temperatures influence protection;
  • Conformity to oil and gas industry safety rules;
  • The equipment is suitable for use in explosive zones;
  • Automatic control that minimises requirement for intervention of the operator;
  • Possibility of equipment delivery on the basis, trailer or self-propelled chassis;
  • Service and repair profitability;
  • Compact sizes and small weight;
  • High efficiency.

For more information on offered equipment you can get by calling us on +38 048 785 09 01

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