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Ukraine, 65122 Odessa, Ilfa ta Petrova street, 86-A, tel: +38 048 785 09 01, fax: +38 048 785 09 03, office@mashtechimport.com

Mashtehimport Ltd supply a steel cables manufactured by Teufelberger Seil GmbH, Austria

The manufacturer develops and markets products like:

  • steel wire ropes for cranes, lifts;
  • ropes for ropeways, mining equipment;
  • polymeric industrial cables, cables for winches, production for the logging industry, yacht ropes, life-lines;
  • fiber and polypropylene products, as well as composite materials are used in various industries.

Teufelberger® steel ropes are used to operate on mobile, rotary tower cranes, drilling platform, quay and port cranes as well as cable cars.

Teufelberger company produce sreel wire ropes for cranes made by:

  • BLM (France)
  • Fantuzzi Reggiane (Italy)
  • Favelle Favco (USA)
  • Hydralift / National Oilwell (Norway)
  • Joseph Paris (France)
  • Kalmar Industries BV (The Netherlands)
  • Kenz (Holland)
  • Liebherr (Austria) and Liebherr GmbH (Germany)
  • Seatrax (USA)
  • TEREX CRANES France SAS (PPM) (France)
  • Trost GmbH (Austria)

For more information on Teufelberger® production you can get online www.teufelberger.com or call us on +38 048 785 09 01

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